A Renovation Story

Let me tell you a nice little story.


A few weeks ago, we decided to have a renovation done on some of the open spaces in the building. Kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, and waiting areas all got updates and tweaks. Most of the stuff was old, and in disrepair, so a sweeping remodel seemed like a good idea.


We hired a few contractors to handle the job. Click the link to learn more.


Our first step was to renovate the bathroom. It was the one that was the most out of the way, and the one that had seen the most punishment over the years.


The bathroom needed new tiles. It needed some new toilets since the old ones sustained a lot of damage and weren’t up to modern standards. While we were at it, we had the plumbing redone because it was so old we couldn’t tell when it was made.


From there, we decided the main lobby needed renovating. It was the most significant part, but also the simplest regarding what work was required.


The lobby is huge, you see. It takes up a lot of space. However, all we needed to be done was to remodel some of the door frames and adding new flooring. Marble seemed like a good choice. The renovation team did it block by block, so the entire floor wasn’t blocked out a the same time.


Then there was the kitchen, which was the most intensive of the lot.


How do I put it? It was old, busted, and probably a fire hazard – the last thing any kitchen wants to be.


The equipment was outdated. It was rusty and, while kept clean, wasn’t really up to modern standards. Most of it couldn’t keep up with the needs of the line anymore. The workflow was all wrong, too. It was like someone decided that the layout wasn’t necessary.


The process took longest because as we worked, we found out a few problems.


For starters, the pipes and wires were laid out in a manner that didn’t make any sense. The gas and other utilities ran through areas that should not have had them, which distorted the workflow. The electrical was awkward in placement, too.


Redoing all of those ate up a chunk of the budget since it called for a lot of demolition work to be done.


Only after that did we finally get to fixing everything else, from updating fixtures to getting new appliances and counters.

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