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Assuming the world only comprises of ladies, cleaning the toilet should never be taught on a blog. Even if it’ll be taught, it’ll just be some finishing touches, precept-upon-precepts here & there and some final build ups on what our parents taught us while growing up.

Cleaning our toilets can either be a deep clean or quick one. This week, we’ll be taking a ride on the deep cleaning type.

Just as the name suggests, deep cleaning is one cleaning that is rigorous and time-taking. To say the truth, if you don’t have anybody giving you instructions & guides, you might just end up not finishing the cleaning. Not because the toilet is stinking or because the dirt & stains are too much. It is actually because you are to pay attention to every single thing short of perfection – It is a deep cleaning, remember?

Above all and before all is that you must put on a pair of gloves. This is simply because deep cleaning is supposed to involve the use of some highly acidic or basic substances which can be harmful having a direct contact with the skin.

Also, you wipe down the toilet a damp sponge. This is to invariably loosen up, to a great extent, the dirt, grim and stains so that washing it thoroughly will be considerably easier later. This is done primarily with the aid of hot water. The sponge is first soaked into the hot water and then used to wipe around the tank, lid, seat, base, and exterior of the bowl. Oftentimes, this is enough to totally remove dirt without a need for extraordinary cleaning products.

After this, the cleaner is applied on the inside of the bowl and left to soak the stains caused by our waste products. Majorly, the urine is the only thing that stains the bowl really. And, by the time the cleaner is used on it, some 10minutes should be spared so that the bowl stains soak.

Once it is soaked, the scrubbing brush is used on the inner parts of the bowl. Now, this is the part that encompasses most works. Here, rigorousness is highly needed. For the stains to be thoroughly washed away, we need to keep scrubbing the particular spots of the stains over and over for some times. After this is done, a clean water should be used to wash down the toilet.

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